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Keith Knittel

Mavic Air 2S DLOG, HLG & Normal Corrective & Creative LUTs

Mavic Air 2S DLOG, HLG & Normal Corrective & Creative LUTs

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Mavic Air 2S DLOG, HLG & Normal LUTs

LUTs crafted specifically for the Mavic Air 2S!

Quit spending time color correcting and grading your Mavic Air 2S footage. Using LUTs will give you a quick and easy way to normalize all of your footage and give you a clean starting point to grade your footage!

Corrective Mavic Air 2S LUTs

These are the LUTs I use on my drone footage to get it to a normal baseline of color. Each profile has slightly different characteristics, so getting to a "natural" looking image, to begin with, is important. 

Creative Mavic Air 2S LUTs

After we're at our natural look, we can really push our footage if we're using HLG or DLOG! Using some creative LUTs that I've made specifically for the Mavic Air 2S is going to give us some really stylized looks!

HLG LUTs Specifically!

The standard color space for Normal and HLG is rec709, however, HLG's color space is Red.2100 HLG. You can edit this footage in a normal rec.709 color space, but the colors can look very different on different devices. 

I've made my HLG LUTs convert the Rec.2100 HLG color space to the more common Rec.709.

In a nutshell, these convert HLG into a more widely used color space that will display accurate colors!


LUTs Included:

No Filter

  • H.264 Normal Correction LUT
  • H.265 Normal Correction LUT
  • H.265 HLG Correction LUT
  • H.265 DLOG Correction LUT


Freewell 2-5 & 6-9 Variable Neutral Density Filter

  • VND H.264 Normal Correction LUT
  • VND H.265 Normal Correction LUT
  • VND H.265 HLG Correction LUT
  • VND H.265 DLOG Correction LUT


Freewell CPL

  • CPL H.264 Normal Correction LUT
  • CPL H.265 Normal Correction LUT
  • CPL H.265 HLG Correction LUT
  • CPL H.265 DLOG Correction LUT


Freewell ND/PL  

  • ND/PL H.264 Normal Correction LUT
  • ND/PL H.265 Normal Correction LUT
  • ND/PL H.265 HLG Correction LUT
  • ND/PL H.265 DLOG Correction LUT


Creative LUTs

Clear Blue

Enhances the blues (and some gentle greens) to bring out more brightness and saturation without affecting the highlights.

Highlight Enhance

Brings out the warm tones in your image, GREAT for good golden hour shots.

Fake Golden Hour

Fake Golden Hour is specifically designed to make flat & boring days look like they were shot at golden hour. THIS IS A STRONG LUT! You may have to dial it down. Enhances the highlights, makes reds and yellows skew orange. Brings down the darker areas and desaturates the shadows. Recommend using this with DLOG or HLG, or dial back the intensity and use it with H.265 Normal.

Speed Cinema

This is is my personal go-to FAVORITE LUT for ALL picture profiles. This creative LUT gives our footage more contrast, white lifting the deepest shadows. I also skewed the highlights slightly warmer, and the deepest shadows much cooler, while boosting the contrast and saturation of the midtones. It's a fantastic fast LUT for social media and fast sharing where you want a creative look, but don't want to spend much time color grading.




Initial release, containing Corrective and Creative LUTs. HLG LUTs also convert the Rec.2100 HLG color space to Rec.709.

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