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Mavic Air 2 D-Cinelike LUTs | Convert D-Cinelike to Natural-looking Footage for Grading

Mavic Air 2 D-Cinelike LUTs | Convert D-Cinelike to Natural-looking Footage for Grading

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True LUTs to make D-Cinelike footage look like real life colors

Also included specialized D-Cinelike LUTs for filters from DJI, Freewell & Polar Pro

After using many different filters for the Mavic Air 2, I noticed slight color casts from filter to filter.  After viewing the footage side-by-side with other filters, this color shift becomes more apparent. In all fairness, it's pretty subtle - but it's noticeable when moving from one filter to another.

I decided to make corrective LUTs for the filters I use the most with my Mavic Air 2, and I'll be adding more to this pack as I buy more filters! (There will be more, I have a problem with buying filters). If you have a LUT you'd like created for this pack, shoot me an email at keith at, or use the contact form on the website.



LUTs in this Pack:

  • AG MA2 Correction Cinelike to Normal
  • AG MA2 Correction PolarPro NDPL Cinelike to Normal
  • AG MA2 Correction DJI ND Cinelike to Normal
  • AG MA2 Correction Freewell Clear Night Cinelike to Normal
  • AG MA2 Correction Freewell UV-IR Cut Cinelike to Normal
  • AG MA2 Correction Freewell VND 2-5 Cinelike to Normal

Also includes an Installation guide for PC & Mac with Premiere Pro, DaVinci Resolve, and Final Cut Pro X (Mac only).



True LUTs to Make Your Footage Look Life Real Life

Filming in different picture profiles is great for maximizing dynamic range, but sometimes the time consuming / difficult editing that comes along with it can be a pain. That's why I made these "True" luts for the Mavic Air 2's D-Cinelike picture profile to make your footage look like it did when you shot it! Huge time saver!



How are these LUTs made?

I took my color checker passport along with me while out filming with each of these filters (and no filter), to make color-accurate adjustments in post using the properly balanced color chips! 



Specific Cameras, Picture Profiles & Lighting Conditions

Every camera is different. Every camera has many picture profiles that are different from each other. Shooting the same settings, with the same camera - but a different picture profile will give you many different results. If you’ve ever tried to color grade a new camera’s footage, it can be really frustrating and time-consuming. I like making LUTs that make this process MUCH FASTER & EASIER!



Instant Email Digital Delivery

After purchasing, you'll receive an email (to the email you sign up for an account with) - or you can download the LUTs from the checkout confirmation page.




When this LUT pack updates, I'll add what is new in each version here!



Initial Release, all LUTs & installation guide


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