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Mavic 2 Pro DLog-M, HLG, & Normal LUT Pack + Creative LUTs

Mavic 2 Pro DLog-M, HLG, & Normal LUT Pack + Creative LUTs

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Mavic 2 Pro DLog-M, HLG, & Normal LUT Pack + Creative LUTs

Mavic 2 Pro DLog-M True & Clear Blue LUT

True LUTs to Make Footage Look Real Life

Filming in different color profiles is great, but sometimes the time consuming / difficult editing that comes along with it can be a pain. That's why I made these "True" luts for each of the Mavic 2's picture profiles to make your footage look like it did when you shot it! Huge time saver!

Creative LUTs too!

I love combining creative LUTs with "True" luts to push my log footage even further! Included in this LUT pack is my favorite sunrise, sunset and clear blue LUT for enhancing the look of my footage!

Specific Cameras, Picture Profiles & Lighting Conditions

Every camera is different. Every camera has many picture profiles that are different from each other. Shooting the same settings, with the same camera - but a different picture profile will give you many different results. If you’ve ever tried to color grade a new camera’s footage, it can be really frustrating and time-consuming. I like making LUTs that make this process MUCH FASTER & EASIER!

Picture Profile Settings Included

Ever wonder what Mavic 2 Pro HLG picture profile settings to use? Included is a PDF with my picture settings when using all 3 picture profiles (Normal, HLG & DLOG).

Distortion Correction Included

If youre shooting in H.265 DLog-M or HLG, there is a slight amount of distortion that you will need to correct, included in this pack are my Premiere Pro settings for correcting distortion with 4K HQ, 4K FOV, 2K, 1080p and 1080p 120fps. 

Instant Email Digital Delivery

After purchasing, you'll receive an email (to the email you sign up for an account with) - or you can download the LUTs from the checkout confirmation page.

Mavic 2 Pro H.265 DLog-M LUT: True

Mavic 2 Pro H.265 HLG LUT: True

Mavic 2 Pro H.265 Normal LUT" True

Mavic 2 Pro H.264 Normal LUT: True

LUTs Included:

  • H.264 Normal "True" LUT
  • H.265 Normal "True" LUT
  • H.265 DLog-M "True" LUT
  • H.265 HLG "True" LUT
  • Sunrise LUT
  • Golden Hour LUT
  • Clear Blue LUT
  • NEW v5.0: AG Mavic 2 H.265 DLog-M Winter Moody
  • NEW v5.0:AG Mavic 2 H.265 DLog-M Winter Warm Sunrise



Fixed rendering issues with "Golden Hour" LUT, renamed to GoldenHour2 to avoid confusion with old name
Added Winter Moody and Winter Warm Sunrise LUTs
Thanks, Derin - for bringing the Golden Hour LUT issue in DaVinci to my attention!

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