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Keith Knittel

Freewell K2 Filter System Correction LUTs

Freewell K2 Filter System Correction LUTs

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Correction LUTs for the Freewell K2 System

The Freewell K2 Filters are marketed as "True Color" filters that have minimal color shift. While the color shift is minimal, there is still a slight shift. These LUTs will correct those shifts, with dedicated LUTs for each filter.

These LUTs will work best after you perform any necessary LOG transforms. These LUTs accept Rec. 709 footage and remove any color cast from the filters, and keep the footage within the Rec. 709 color space. 

Correction LUTs in the pack

  • Freewell K2 1-5 VND Correction LUT
  • Freewell K2 6-9 VND Correction LUT
  • Freewell K2 CPL Correction LUT
  • Freewell K2 ND32/PL Correction LUT
  • Freewell K2 Glow Mist Correction LUT
  • Freewell K2 Blue Streak Correction LUT
  • Read Me.pdf (Explains how to install LUTs in FCPX, Premiere & Resolve)

These LUTs are not intended for a creative look to your footage, only to help remove any color casts while using the Freewell K2 filters. Freewell did not pay me to make these LUTs, I just like having neutral colors to start my grade from. 


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